Becoming a successful company: Rock on the Internet road

Many companies had to start serving their customers from a distance overnight, virtually via the Internet. There was no time to prepare. It was adapt quickly or die.

Similarly, coordinating with the work team members, monitoring their work, progress, deliveries, following up on commitments has also been even more challenging since a model needed to implement on the fly.

Many hoped that the Pandemic would pass and that everything would return to normal. However, that was not the case. Faced with this, in 2020, relevant companies that saw the benefit of having their teams at a distance openly declared that they would work remotely as a long-term business strategy. Companies such as Uber, Microsoft, Zillow, Google, Reuters, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and Salesforce declared to work remotely.

The immediate action that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) had to take was figuring out how to communicate with their clients and their work team. Some continued to use mobile phones, others started using different video conferencing applications, and another group used messaging apps with video calls. In short, in one way or another, decisions were toked on the fly because it was necessary to continue, whatever it was.

Various situations arose. Some had already adopted the practice of virtual care before the Pandemic. Others had just joined. However, after a short walk, communication problems with customers appeared. We can prove this because it happened to several of our acquaintances. Among some of the main difficulties are:

  • Closing of deals. Proposals were not convincing for Customers.
  • Clearly understand what the customer wanted. More meetings than usual were required.
  • Comply with the commitments adopted by companies and clients, for example, submitting certain essential information by that date.
  • Mistrust and insecurity of customers. During the video conference, clients knew that they were not alone. There was a bustle. Unknown people outside the meeting appeared, then the client’s confidentiality and privacy did not guarantee.

Finally, it was more important to satisfactorily serve customers than to have the most appropriate technological tool. The best practices of attention and management of agreements began to take a relevant place in customers’ relationships. It is what makes a customer feel comfortable and comfortable. And together with the clarity in the presentation of services and meeting deadlines, finally, it would give you greater confidence. And so I could keep hiring more services and recommending others to take them.

Finally, filling up with many applications to have meetings and run the business, actually more than facilitating work, complicates it because great skill and concentration are required to keep track of what is happening in your meetings. Listening and understanding what customers want is vital to be able to bid accurately. If that work is not doing well, you need to rethink how you approach customer service in meetings because this is a crucial factor in its success.


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