My Lessons Learned During 2020

Felix agreed to share his company’s perspectives, learnings, and lessons about their operation in this Pandemic with us. Cyber Dacians have offices in New York, London, Chile, and Romania.

Felix manages the relationships with clients, commercial partners, and governmental entities. He is responsible for the UK and South American markets in his cybersecurity company.

How did you adapt to face the work-in-home challenge?

We worked remotely before the pandemia, which helped us accommodate fast with the pandemic situation. In the cybersecurity field, we’re in functions very well remotely. We saw many companies adapting to this model. We helped our clients overcome the risk related to home-working, which leads to increased cyber vulnerabilities. Digitalization came with a high-cost chance; therefore, education and a complete cyber audit are essential for those working remotely.

What do you think is the critical skill to strengthen in the teams to serve clients?

I believe in punctuality and the ability to communicate flawlessly in video calls and emails.

Do you believe that it is necessary to evolve the solutions to serve clients remotely?

There’s always space for evolution; thus, we believe the market can improve customer service tools. We’re using traditional methods, but we are open to innovative tools that can automate some of the work and make it easier to manage the business process.


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