The C-19 Changed the Rules of the Game

Many wait for “something” to happen to take the step and introduce their businesses to the digital. “I serve my clients in the office. I do not need more.” In 2020, 40% of the companies in the United States still did not have a website, something essential to be commercially valid in the network and the market, to be found by search engines, and to provide online services.

The arrival of C-19 forced all of humanity to change their habits to communicate, feed and entertain themselves. Also, companies were not exempt from this change. However, virtual meetings soon were not enough in the face of increased client demands, such as online forms, information sharing, security, and online data privacy.

These new challenges that were supposed to take more years to become more massive became present in everyone’s life from one day to the next. Some, still not convinced, wait for the C-19 to pass by to continue their life as it was. The resigned and farsighted make the changes and gain an advantage over those in their risky comfort zone daily.

The big question is what will happen with the C-19. Does it stay, or does it go? In my opinion, the answer doesn’t matter. The rule-changing effect on the Internet business game has already occurred. People have already tasted and enjoyed the benefits of remote services. It is safer, and they have more time for themselves, which is something that nobody will take away from them.

Still without your business on the Internet, Mr. and Mrs. entrepreneurs? It will likely cost them more and more to have clients and continue to sell in this way. It will no longer be enough to have a simple website No, no, no! Now you will have to listen to the demands of your customers who have many more alternatives than ever to cover their remote service needs.

So let’s hope you are not late for this party because it will be more difficult for anybody to ask you to dance or even reach for a snack every new day.


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